Innov@MIC, The Innovation Day @ Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons [23rd of June 2011], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

The 23rd of June, we have the Innovation Day @ Microsoft Innovation Center in Mons : Innov@MIC.
The event looks very promising ! We have more than 20 speakers with some “guest stars”, as:
• Tom Palmaerts, elected Trendwatcher from the year 2010, unveil us the trends of tomorrow;
• Braden Kelley, author of the book “stocking your innovation bonfire”, will go thru the innovation process;
• Nao, the domestic humanoid robot, also will be part of this event…

I will be one of the speakers and I will announce the end of the “old school” marketing or the end of the 4P.

The day will close with the opening of the Technological Bussiness Accelerator, followed by the ceremony of Boostcamp # 3 and its traditional cocktail prices.

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