The Content Marketing Explosion [Infographic]

Content marketing isn’t exactly a new marketing technique, but it’s seeing massive growth in 2012, with new and innovative ways to promote brand awareness and build customer retention.

From articles and social media to data visualization such as infographics, brands are using these techniques to leverage their marketing efforts and create a wider reach.

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Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral With This Cheat Sheet

Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral With This Cheat Sheet, an infographic. What is viral marketing and how to make your post go viral is one of the most asked question by bloggers and internet marketers

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How to influence the Social Consumer ? via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

The consumer  uses social media to search for information before purchasing a product or service.

He read the opinions of other consumers, check the comments on a well or solicit its virtual network etc …

You manage a business ? Do you know that some channels are more suitable than others for social influence and this depends on the product category you sell?

That’s what I propose you to discover through the study of M Booth and Beyond, for which 1500 consumers were questioned about the products they were looking on the Internet and the channels they had chosen to find .

You will learn for example that the channels that have the most influence on the social consumer  are:

  • the results of search engines,
  • websites,
  • newspaper articles,
  • sites,
  • comparative online ads.

However, according to the results of this study, if you sell electronics (as I do by the way), you should focus on the following channels in descending order: the comparison sites, the sites of your company, news articles and blog entries.

The results in full via this infographic:

What’s the average day on Facebook ? [infographic], via davidmerzel’s BLOG.

Here-below, a great infographic created by JESS3

You will learn that in 2011, the average user is 38 years old (so five years more than in 2008) and has 229 friends, 7% he never met .

But we also know that 26% of users like at least one status /day, or that 15% of the members update their status every day.

What are people doing online ? [infographic], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

As we all know, the world is changing.

People want to stay informed / connected everytime & everywhere and it’s interesting to see that the basics / primary needs remain the same.

This infographic shows what are people doing online.

  • You will discover what are the things they do the most are basics things, meeting primary needs : Send or  read a mail, Search for Info / Product / Services, Look for health / medical info, Check the weather.
  • The things they do the least are : Create a personal journal / Blog,  Use Twitter, Sell Stock, Use a dating website, Visit Virtual World as Second Life,