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Heads in the Clouds: The Current State of Cloud Computing (Infographic)

Global Internet Map 2011 [infographic]

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The World Map of Social Networks [infographic]

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How the Digital Revolution Changed Our World [infographic]


Internet Speeds and Costs Around the Wold [infographic]

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The Rise of Mobile Shopping [infographic]

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What’s the Profile of Twitter Users ? [infographic]



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Who are the People on Linked in ?

The State of #Wikipedia [video]

How the internet changes your life ? [slides]

How the internet changes your life ?

#LinkedIn Demographics & Statistics [slides]

#Facebook 2010 Yearbook [infographic]

#Foursquare’s Rise to 6 Million Users [#INFOGRAPHIC]


Foursquare announced that more than 6 million people have registered a Foursquare account. In addition, the company released an infographic celebrating its impressive growth in 2010.

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The Art of #Storytelling [slides], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Lets talk about stories …

  • No one can deny the importance of social network in our days.
  • The tools for social network are growing faster and faster as well.
  • Social Network has changed marketing environment forever.
  • Social network is all about conversations.
  • Storytelling is all about conversations.
  • Every BRAND has stories to tell. So, the ART of the Marketeer is to master the art of storytelling.
  • Let’s discover in this great and very simple presentation the ART of the STORYTELLING and also very good best practices.

Source : StoryBeats

10 business models that rocked 2010 [SLIDES]

During 2010 many promising concepts reached a tipping point.
Let’s take a closer look at their business models.
Source : by @nickdemey

State of Facebook vs.Twitter [infographic]

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A look back at the First year of BING [infographic]

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Facebook 2010 : The Saga Continues [infographic]

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History of the INTERNET [infographic]

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Facebook Facts you Probably didn’t know [infographic]

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