E3 by the NUMBERS [infographic], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

E3 is just done @ Los-Angeles. I was so happy to be there.
E3 is The Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is the premiere event of the year for everyone involved in the global interactive entertainment industry.

E3 Expo delivers an unmatched and highly qualified audience of developers, retail buyers, international and U.S.–based trade and consumer media, industry and investment analysts, venture capitalists and community influencers

These are the key players in the global interactive entertainment industry and this is your once-a-year chance to interact with them all, under one roof.

Let’s have a look at this infographic which comes back on key figures.

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Source : http://gonintendo.com/wp-content/photos/e3_by_the_numbers_20110603002701769.jpg


E3 2011 Microsoft PR Conference : key highlights.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Activision


Activision opened the show with the first gameplay footage of their newest release in their action packed franchise. As always, Xbox 360 owners will get all the content first for this game.

Make sure you ask Santa for this one!


Tomb Raider – Crystal Dynamics

Go on the adventure that made Lara Croft into the tomb raiding femme fatale we came to know. This game will bring more realism than ever before, watch your step, Lara is fragile and might just break something. Survive in hostile environments and find your way in dark places.

Electronic Arts


EA announced this year that their most successful EA Sports games would have Kinect integration. Fifa, Madden NFL and Tiger Woods PGA will now be controlled with the wave of a hand, or the kick of your feet.

Other than their sports series, EA also showed some new footage of Mass Effect 3, which will also have Kinect features.



Ubisoft took the stage this year at our keynote to present their Kinect integration for Ghost Recon; Future Soldier. In this game, you will be able to fully customize your weapons with the power of Kinect, it’s quite amazing, really!

Additionally, they announced that all of their Tom Clancy titles from now on will have some form of Kinect integration.


New dashboard experience and partnerships – Microsoft


Apart from games, we’ve also announced the new look and feel of the Xbox Dashboard, new features will be added such as Bing – which will allow you to search your console for the content you want. YouTube – To have your favorite video you would like to share with family and friends on your TV. UFC* – for all of you who like to play rough from time to time. And Live TV* – To watch the show you want, when you want.


Gears of War 3 – Epic Games / Microsoft Game Studios

Marcus Fenix is back and about to go out with a bang! This year, Epic games will bring us the final chapter in the Gears of War Saga. Cliff Bliszinski showed us new campaign footage his game together with rap icon Ice-T.

Run to the store as fast as you can and place your pre-order, you don’t want to miss out on this epic game!

Ryse – Crytek / Microsoft Game Studios


Last year we’ve teased you all with “Project Kingdoms”. This project now has a name; Ryse. You are a Roman gladiator and have to battle through enemies with the power of Kinect.

For this title we’ve partnered with Crytek who is renowned for their amazing graphics and physics. (Crysis, Far Cry, …)


Halo: Combat Evolved – Anniversary – 343 Industries / Microsoft Game Studios

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved, we’ve decided to re-release the shooter that spawned an entire new generation of shooters. Experience Masterchief’s story like never before with new features, better graphics and online play!

Forza Motorsport 4 – Turn 10 / Microsoft Game Studios


Are you a car fanatic? Then this is something for you! Turn 10 promises us the best looking game for this year with a wide variety of manufacturers, TopGear integration, amazing online gameplay and the power of Kinect.

What are you waiting for? Start your engine!


Fable: The Journey – Lionhead studios / Microsoft Game studios

The world of Albion is in danger, and heroes are not born, they are made. Become a hero in the newest chapter in the Fable saga, and enjoy the world of Albion like never before thanks to the power of Kinect.

Disneyland Adventures – Frontier Games / Microsoft Game Studios


There is a little child in all of us, and whether you would like to awaken that child or play this game with your actual children, this  game will shower you with magic fairy dust and bring you to the enchanting world of Disneyland.

Go on many different attractions and interact with your favorite Disney character. Anything is possible!


Kinect Star Wars – Lucasarts / Microsoft Game Studios

Step into the world of Star Wars with Kinect, play as a Jedi, eat Stormtroopers as a Rancor monster, fight of the empire in you X-wing or go into a podrace.

Kinect Star Wars is fun for everyone, thanks to a wide variety of game modes.

May the force be with you.

Sesame Street: Once upon a monster -  Telltale games


Education made fun, thanks to the crew of sesame Street, learn to count with Elmo and overcome your fear of monsters with the Cookiemonster, This game will entertain the smallest gamers among us with an endless amount of fun.

…and cookies!


Kinect Funlabs – Good Science / Microsoft Game Studios

Always wanted to experiment with the technology behind Kinect? Then this is your chance, play around with Kinect Funlabs and amaze your friends when you scan your favorite toy and use it on your Xbox 360. Take pictures of yourself and experiment in a 3D world, want to know more? Then power up your Xbox 360 and have a go! Funlabs is available today!

Kinect Sports Season Two – Rare ltd / Microsoft Game Studios


The best-selling game for Kinect gets a sequel, Kinect Sports Two is more than 6 new sports, and it’s twice the fun with improved Kinect tracking, more fun activities and the sports you’ve been asking for!

If you liked Kinect Sports, you’ll love season two!


Dance Central 2 – Harmonix / Microsoft Game Studios

Can’t stop your feet when you hear a tune you like? Than this is what you’ve been waiting for, Dance Central 2 is better than ever with versus mode, over 40 tracks in the box and the possibility to transfer all of you Dance Central 1 songs and download content to this new version.

Halo 4 – 343 Industries / Microsoft Game Studios


Master chief is back! And will be ready to save us and the rest of the universe yet again holiday 2012!

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