Follow every detail of the Tour de France 2011 with this Map App (via Teusje)

Follow every detail of the Tour de France 2011 with this Map App Like last year, Bing Maps has a map app with information about Le Tour de France 2011. Don't waste your time and go check it out! Some screenshot: The last part of the first stage: Even weather information: And much more information.. Check it out here! Links not working? Just go to and find this icon at the bottom: Next step is to find the Tour de France map app and just click it: Have fun! 😉 [ source ] … Read More

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Microsoft Bing Controls 30% Of Search Market [STATS]

  • Microsoft has secured 30% of the search market, largely at Google’s expense, according to data from Experian Hitwise.
  • The new March numbers claim that Microsoft achieved 30.01% of the U.S. search market share in March — 14.32% from and 15.69% from Yahoo Search, which Bing now powers. T
  • he growth was pretty evenly distributed as well:’s search market share grew by 6% from February while Yahoo search grew by 5%.
  • Google, on the other hand, now controls 64.42% of the U.S. search market compared with its 66.69% share in February.
  • Google’s market share is down 10% from August 2010, when it owned 71.59% of the search market. August was the first month Yahoo Search was powered by Bing, and since then, both search engines have grown. This is especially true for, which only had 9.87% of the market in August.
  • One of the reasons why Yahoo and Bing may be gaining on Google is that users are apparently achieving more success out of Bing-powered search: 81.14% of Yahoo Search users and 80.32% of users clicked on a search result and visited a website.
  • Google, on the other hand, only achieves a 65.91% success rate, according to Experian Hitwise’s numbers.

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New alliance between Yahoo and Microsoft : Today, this is the final clearance from the European Commission.

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance combines the complementary strengths of Yahoo! and Microsoft to create a competitive choice in search with the scale to fuel sustained development.

Both companies aim to ultimately enable searchers to find relevant results faster, and provide more value for advertisers and better results for web publishers.

If you look for more information (Q&A, Press Coverage, …), just go to this following site :

More information will be available later today, on this site.

Bing market share continues to grow


Bing market share continues to grow
Bing is just a hair shy of the 10 percent mark in comScore’s search-engine market-share report, released Tuesday to Wall Street.

Microsoft’s search engine captured 9.9 percent of the market in October, up half a percentage point from September. Meanwhile, Google’s share also increased – from 64.9 percent to 65.4 percent – and Yahoo’s dropped 0.8 points to 18 percent.

Microsoft continues to post impressive year-over-year numbers. In August, September and October, the number of searches Bing fielded was at least 30 percent more than the year before, according to comScore. Back then, the Redmond-based company’s search engine was Live Search; it was rebranded Bing in June.