A new perspective on Marketing … The Close Contact Marketing – Broward Leadership Lunch of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida.

Today, I had the opportunity and the pleasure to present my perspective on Marketing, during Broward Leadership Lunch of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida.

I ‘ve shared The “Close Contact Marketing” that I’ve developed. Close Contact Marketing is based on the following belief: once you convince the consumer, he becomes your best ambassador. Close contact marketing has its roots in eastern values of the martial arts such as karate : respect and direct involvement are part of it.  Its six rules are symbolized by belts of the sport that I practice so much.

close contact marketing

You will find here below the presentation.


Are you ready for 2020 ?

The world is changing very fast and the impact of new technologies is key on the world of tomorrow and the skill needed tto succeed. In just six years time, the skills you’ll be looking for in star employees will be vastly different from those ideal in today’s workers. As social technologies play a more important role in value creation, skills such as social intelligence and new media literacy, will probably become increasingly important for workers. The infographic below from Top Ten Online Colleges shows which capabilities will be most valued by 2020.


Axe Is Winning the Super Bowl So Far

Axe’s “Make Love, Not War” ad, which features fictional heads of state and soldiers setting aside their weaponry for their paramours, is the most viewed and most shared 2014 Super Bowl ad or teaser so far, netting 3.4 million YouTube views and 20,000 shares at the time of writing.
I love it for the.
Congrats to Unilever [my previous employer] for this great advertising.

McDonald’s France: Gay Commercial Controversy (via | Stephanie Fang |)

McDonald's France: Gay Commercial Controversy Recently in Paris, I came upon a McDonald’s commercial that I thought would quickly bring controversy. And by curiosity, I googled the keywords McDonald’s France Ad, the first 40 pages of about 4,500,000 results were referring to that one particular commercial. So what is actually all the fuss about? And how did that commercial cross the Atlantic to become headlines in the States? The commercial is part of a campaign titled “Come as you are”  or … Read More

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No one does # Christmas better than # Coca-Cola

Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a most prosperous and healthy New Year! Let the spirit of love gently fill our hearts and homes. What better company is out there to remind us that the holiday season is all about Love, Sharing and Happiness? Coca-Cola of course! They have a history of creating successful campaigns during the holiday seasons- from catchy jingles to polar bear to penguins. This is year Coca-Cola took a different approach using a … Read More

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