What are the Top 10 Innovative Countries [infographic]

This is a very interesting Infographic charting the top 10 most innovative countries, global innovation index rankings. It shows also the link between innovation and GDP and more ….



The Ice Bucket Challenge from another angle.

This is amazing to see the impact of ALS Ice Bucked Challenge in terms of awareness and Buzz.

This ice bucket challenge has taken off, during the last weeks, on the internet. The internet is an amazing tool and the ice bucket challenge is proof. The whole world is taking part, from Europe, America, Australia, and beyond, the whole world wants to be a part of it.

Everyone is just caught up in the connection to everyone else who is participating. Sometime, I see people making the challenge without really understanding what is ALS and why this fundraising and challenge have been created.

This is an amazing buzz and sometime I wonder why other other charities as in Africa didn’t receive the same support. We have there another kind of Bucket Challenge.

The answer could be in the way this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been orchestrated and supported by some key opinion leaders from the Day 1.

So if you have a big idea, it is up to you to realize that you can use the internet to your advantage and raise awareness whether it is for your charity, your business. The internet is here and can be used to boost the profile of any situation.

This is easy to say but not always easy to orchestrate. But as you can see from the ice bucket challenge anything is possible, it will go viral if you just use the right strategy.


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