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Microsoft BeLux

Every year the business magazine Trends awards the best marketeer in Belgium the title Marketeer of the Year.This year is the first time that, among the final candidates, a Microsoft colleagues has been nominated. This means that Microsoft products really have become familiar in all households.

David Merzel is the country manager of Microsoft BeLux, responsible for Xbox and hardware products.He has been selected thanks to the way he put the Kinext console for Xbox 360 into the market last year.

His successful campaign was based on his approach he calls “Close Contact Marketing.” Respect and direct engagement are the key fundamentals to win the attention and the hearts of your consumers. Six rules apply in this marketing style:

  1. Engage directly with your clients, journalists, retailers..
  2. Create an authentic experience of your products
  3. Take the time to set up a dialogue with influencers like journalists and bloggers to reach your…

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What is the Future of TV ? It begins Now on Xbox 360, via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

A revolution is happening in the living room. Xbox 360 is transforming how you enjoy TV entertainment and is giving you the power to control it with your voice. The next generation of TV entertainment begins with the announcement by Microsoft Corp. of the launch of an all-new Xbox 360 experience including the first group of new, custom applications from world leading TV and entertainment content providers on Xbox LIVE.

“A new era in entertainment begins where all your entertainment is together in one place — your games, movies, TV shows, music and sports,” said Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “With this update, Xbox 360 system owners will experience Kinect voice control integrated with Bing search, making your TV and entertainment experiences more social and personal than ever.”

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“Microsoft has just built and delivered it: A single box that ties together all the content you want, made easily accessible through a universal, natural, voice-directed search. This is now the benchmark against which all other living room initiatives should be compared,” said James McQuivey of Forrester Research in “Engaged TV: Xbox 360 Leads The Way To A New Video Product Experience,”* Sunday, Dec. 4. “…with more than 57 million people worldwide already sitting on a box that’s about to be upgraded for free, Microsoft has not only built the right experience, it has ensured that it will spread quickly and with devastating effect.”

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Here is what we have achieved thanks to this creative approach.

• Successful launch of Kinect / Xbox 360 thru a very innovative marketing approach.
• Our division has doubled its turnover in less than three years.
• Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, rewarded my Team as the most successful division worldwide.

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