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A new perspective on Marketing … The Close Contact Marketing – Broward Leadership Lunch of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida.

Today, I had the opportunity and the pleasure to present my perspective on Marketing, during Broward Leadership Lunch of Entrepreneurs’ Organization South Florida.

I ‘ve shared The “Close Contact Marketing” that I’ve developed. Close Contact Marketing is based on the following belief: once you convince the consumer, he becomes your best ambassador. Close contact marketing has its roots in eastern values of the martial arts such as karate : respect and direct involvement are part of it.  Its six rules are symbolized by belts of the sport that I practice so much.

close contact marketing

You will find here below the presentation.

Miss Teen America is the new Icon of Tribal by Golda Jayne.

Miss Teen America is the new Icon of Tribal by Golda Jayne.

This Trendy Bag’s company has been created by my wife Jo Merzel and her partner Anna Bedetti.

I like this unique project also for its “give back” approach. Let’s go back to the origin of this project.

“Tribal by Golda Jayne” is the latest collaboration between fashion luminary Joelle Merzel and Anna Bedetti, who has reached into her past to create , a combination of Congolese tribal designs and Haitian workmanship.

“Tribal by Golda Jayne” is a unique accessories-based line featuring scarves, beach bags, totes, clutches and beach cover-ups all having been inspired by exotic African colorful tradition.

Handmade by local Congolese craftsman, the unique African fabric is imported directly from the Congo to our small local workshop in Haiti. There,the exquisite custom made fabric is artfully sewn onto the various Tribal products.

“Tribal by Golda Jayne” has a commitment to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Footprint Foundation., which is dedicated to helping

Congolese women who have suffered from atrocities, recover and rebuild their lives.

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