What is the best color for your brand ?

Color plays an important role in the values you want to communicate about your brand. Be consistent in your choice.

Below, you will find some examples on how companies use colors:

•Orange (fun, action, excitement, passion, and warmth). Amazon, Fanta, Nickelodeon, and Firefox are good examples.

•Blue (strength, confidence, and loyalty). Look at IBM’s, Hewlett-Packard’s, American Express’, and Lowe’s logos, using blue.

•Red (power and energy, youth and courage). You can see Coca-Cola’s, Virgin’s, and Netflix’s logos colored in red.

•Green (wealth and nature). Financial services always use green since it is associated with dollars as Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. As for Greenpeace, Animal Planet, and Whole Foods – these companies bet in the “naturalness” of green.

•Pink – a romantic and feminine color, associated with love and warmth. Victoria’s Secret, Barbie, and Baskin Robbins are good examples.

•Yellow (happiness and friendliness). Yellow effectively attracts attention: McDonald, Nikon, Hertz, and IKEA are the excellent examples of yellow-colored logos


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