TED@Unilever imagines a brighter future. Inspiring words from this event

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The stage at TED@Unilever. Photo: Ryan Lash The stage at TED@Unilever. Photo: Ryan Lash

From healthy food projects to public health campaigns, TED@Unilever highlighted ideas to inspire leaders at every level. At this TED Institute event, which showcased speakers from both inside and outside the wellness company, the focus was on what corporations and individuals can do to initiate change.

Below, some words from each of the TED@Unilever talks: 

“In most companies, the sustainability group is separate from the marketing team, which is separate from the communications team. Why? If we’re going to make sustainable living commonplace, we need to engage scale … When someone asks, ‘What is the case for sustainability?’ I ask, ‘Well, what is the case for the alternative?’” —Keith Weed, Unilever Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

“The greatest innovations happen when solving the most basic problems. At Next Drop, our vision is to create a world where everyone has access to basic resources…

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