Age is just a Number …

This is so true that age is a number.
I am practicing Karate for 13 years and I see , regularly, 65 years old people being in much better shape than people around 15 years old. They are in better shape but they have also an amazing fighting spirit. Many times, I have asked them the secret. They always tell me the same story. As long as they can do it, they will practice martial art and have fun. They combine this with healthy food.
Karate is a great martial art because you can practice every day, at home. This is based on the perfection of specific movements and KATAS. During your whole life, you, you will look for perfection while your body evolves. This forges an amazing “never give up” attitude that I find back in these people aged above 65 years, that I have met during KARATE Trainings and Camps.
This is so inspiring …



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