Never Give-up or How Many times should you try ? [infographic]

For those who know me well, I have a characteristic deep inside of me, the “never give-up” attitude.
More the situation is challenging and desperate, more likely I will find the energy to make the difference. We say also that a Winner is just a Loser who tried one more Time.
I’m practicing boxing and karate and you can learn so much about yourself and your tenacity, by practicing martial art while you will learn about your authenticity and humility. In Karate, we say, leave you ego with your shoes [when you come on the tatami] I try to have the same attitude with others. This is the best way to listen and to learn a lot, every single day.

Look also here the new approach I have developed based on my own experience as marketer and in martial art. Look also at the chart here below, this is amazing to see how many times some famous people have tried before winning or realizing their dream.
So, never never never give-up and continue to try if you really believe you can do it.



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