What are the Top 5 skills for an Awesome Product Marketer ? [slideshare]

There are 5 Skills of great product marketer.
If you have all 5, you may well be awesome.
Do you think we miss something here ?


One thought on “What are the Top 5 skills for an Awesome Product Marketer ? [slideshare]

  1. A good flair, a creative vision and an ability to grasp technical concepts and communicate creatively with clarity are keys, indeed.

    Still, depending of the company, PM can be either data-centrics oriented, or more close to the production team, this is where technical aspects which they will have to deal with; then the PM could be much more marketing oriented, and can act as a business man, to communicate to everyone why they should be exicited about a new release: MEDIA/PR and Promotion activities.

    Nowaday, it is tough to cover all these spectrums of the role, as companies have their own description & needs for a PM. Personally, I have had to dealing with this issue many times during interviews, having a wide experience in each part of the job, things can start to get harder when you are asked to be dedicated & focused or specialised in one part of the job. What do you think? Anyone experienced that?

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