SmartGlass Xbox is Smart, via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

I had the chance to be at E3, LA this year.

In case you missed it during E3 this year, Microsoft is aiming to link up all of your devices to create a true harmony.

Xbox SmartGlass will allow your devices to sync up together in a way that you’ll never miss a moment or perhaps so that you’ll enhance those moments.

Take a look at this great experience here-below.


Use your phone or tablet to control what you’re seeing on TV. Easily explore the internet on your TV using your phone or tablet to browse, scroll, pinch, and zoom. Start playing one of your favorite shows, music, sports or games on a device and move it to your TV to keep watching on the big-screen.

Browser Web Hub


Intelligently interact with your Xbox 360 with your phone or tablet. Enjoy rich second screen experiences that automatically change and customize based on what’s on TV.

Game of Thrones - Crastors Keep
Madden 13

Available on devices you already own

The Xbox SmartGlass app is available on Windows Phone or tablet, and the innovative Xbox SmartGlass technology is available on other major platforms in the My Xbox app.

Game of Thrones on three screens

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