How an Artist as SKWAK can change the way you see New Technologies, via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Yesterday, I had the chance to meet SKWAK at FNAC Brussels – Toison d’Or (picture here-above).

SKWAK is a French artist specialized in illustration, characters design and graphic design.
He created his own graphic world populated by creatures with an exagerated look, fed with absurd : the “Maniac World”. His universe is perpetually evolving, getting richer, and finds its place, its codes.. It’s a huge playground completly crazy, polluted, coloured and laidback. ” His world is constantly changing and extends in various fields like music, computers (computer mice, QR codes,  Social Media, …). Discover his Universe HERE.

Exemples of creations

  • T-shirt for Nike

  • Art Commission for Le Centre Pompidou, Workshop Area Young public.


Skwak composed specially for Fnac, a dozen works displayed in the forum of FNAC Brussels (Toison d’Or) throughout the month of May 2012. His Exhibition will be held at Fnac Brussels (Toison d’Or), from May 4, 2012 to Thursday, May 31, 2012 from 11:00 to 18:00. Adress : 17, Avenue de la Toison d’Or – 1050 Brussels – Belgium. See details for this event HERE.


Look at exhibition Microsoft @ Fnac HERE. See one exemple here-below.

Yesterday, I’ve attended a workshop at Fnac where Skwak has developped a work directly with public participation. The work has been printed and distributed to participants.


Microsoft recently announced its latest series of “artist” mice.  SKWAK  designed the artwork for this wireless mobile mouse 3500.  New BlueTrack technology means it can be used “even on a rough park bench or your living room carpet” and this is very cool … You can buy it at Fnac in Belgium …

SKWAK x Microsoft Mouse 

SKWAK x Microsoft Mouse


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