How to influence the Social Consumer ? via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

The consumer  uses social media to search for information before purchasing a product or service.

He read the opinions of other consumers, check the comments on a well or solicit its virtual network etc …

You manage a business ? Do you know that some channels are more suitable than others for social influence and this depends on the product category you sell?

That’s what I propose you to discover through the study of M Booth and Beyond, for which 1500 consumers were questioned about the products they were looking on the Internet and the channels they had chosen to find .

You will learn for example that the channels that have the most influence on the social consumer  are:

  • the results of search engines,
  • websites,
  • newspaper articles,
  • sites,
  • comparative online ads.

However, according to the results of this study, if you sell electronics (as I do by the way), you should focus on the following channels in descending order: the comparison sites, the sites of your company, news articles and blog entries.

The results in full via this infographic:


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