The 3 Things That Motivate People [video], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Excellent video showing the surprising truth about what motivates us.

As a leader, it’s important to have good ideas, but if you want to do something great with those ideas, you must be able to influence others to join forces with you. You need to be able to convince people to share your vision. You can use a tasty carrot or sharp stick — both have their place — but I think it’s better to have a keener understanding of human nature and what it is that motivates us.

In this Video, Daniel Pink explains the three things he believes are the greatest motivators of all:

  • Autonomy.

  • Higher purpose.

  • Mastery.

So, it’s not about money 🙂

More details here-below,

Pink’s conclusions contradict what most of us probably think about motivation.

  • Autonomy: 

    • No one wants someone always looking over his or her shoulder.

    • Good leaders lead by providing direction, not by pushing from behind.

  • Higher purpose:

    • Sure, the primary goal of every business is to earn a profit and make the highest return on invested capital, but that surely isn’t what will drive our motivation.

    • That’s why we talk more about solving our customers’ problems and making their lives better — we help them feel secure, maintain privacy, lower energy costs, and darken rooms so their babies sleep longer.

    • Being able to donate money to the less fortunate in our community as a result of our success, is another motivator.

  • Mastery:

    • Many people leave their jobs because they feel stagnant.

    • When there is an opportunity for promotions and for people to learn new skills — even without a title change — they’ll still feel like they’re moving up. When people have higher skill levels, their value goes up and they’re in a better position to get raises, or at the very least, they’re equipped to handle new jobs at other companies.


3 thoughts on “The 3 Things That Motivate People [video], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

  1. Hello David,
    Super – intéressant bien sûr!! Dan Pink est un sacré bonhomme!

    Je t’invite à aller voir une autre de ses vidéos qui traite également de la motivation, celle qui mobilise la vraie, celle qui fait que tu restes éveillé toute la nuit sur un truc passionnant!
    (dans les liens).

    By the way, j’ai trouvé aussi super – intéressant ta prestation au MIC ce jeudi : je me suis couché moins bête le soir! :-))

    Encore toutes mes félicitations et encouragements pour cette (je l’espère) nomination comme marketing manager de l’année!


  2. Absolutely right and it sounds like evidence! Allthough my experience learns me that in reality most managers fear autonomous, motivated and “eager to learn” indivuals in their business model because their own position & power could be in great danger! Self pride and honour always rules before creative and progressive teamwork with passionate, open minded and sometimes less certified colleagues.

  3. This is an interesting and a really creative presentation. I would add the idea of helping others. As a leader, if you listen and support your team members, then those folks are motivated to be more dedicated at work. They feel like they do not want to disappoint you.

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