Are you a WHITE belt or BLACK belt Marketer ? [slides], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Discover a new approach based on my own experience as marketer and in martial art.

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The spirit in Close Contact Marketing is basic: Treating your consumer with respect is the best way to win their heart.

Applying the Close Contact Marketing technical I have developed within my team has been very succesful, for the launch of Kinect in Belgium.

I want to share with you the approach that leads Belgium to be that successful.

The close contact Marketing is based on the following belief: once you convince the consumer, he becomes your best ambassador.

Close contact marketing has its roots in eastern values of the martial arts such as karate: respect and direct involvement are part of it.
Its six rules are symbolized by belts of the sport that I practice so much.

Let me introduce these to you:

  • Rule #1 : Engage Personally

Involve yourself personally as a Marketeer. Make your hands dirty, talk, surf, have a dialogue with journalists, retailers, consumers and colleagues. This rule seems obvious. Those who experienced it know it’s not.

For the launch of Kinect, we decided to invite journalists, retailers, consumers and bloggers to come and test this new stuff in a friendly atmosphere. The Kinect Loft has been created to enhance the networking with influencers.

  •  Rule #2 : Trying is Believing.

Set up an authentic, winsome experience on your products.

More than seven thousand people tried out the Kinect, including the Kinect Loft (see below in the slide share the LOFT)  in Brussels, as the device was not launched yet.

  • Rule #3 : Invite Influencers Generously

Take the time to discuss with influencers as they carry on your message.

Journalists, bloggers, retails partners deliver your message to an audience. The Kinect Loft has been on its way, in a mobile version, within the retail field and events for consumers. The commitment level was so high; the content was shared on Facebook, Twitter and over 350 blogs in Belgium.

  • Rule #4 : Enchant the Masses

Find the best way to enchant the audience, focusing on spending that much money on advertising .

In Belgium, Kinect has spread its words in more than 36 newspapers and magazines, 6 radio show s, 18 TV shows .

  • Rule #5 : Share Close Contact Marketing

I share my passion for marketing, social media , new technologies

I’m having a leadership position throughout a blog who made more than one hundred thousand visits over the past year. Thanks to the comments on the blog and on social networks, I’m aware of the reactions of the target audience. The key audience at the Kinect launching was families and the most important move was to keep a strong image towards the communities of players within our core audiences. I have shared my passion and vision of marketing in universities (ULB, VUB, IHECS, KDG Antwerp, KH Leuven) and professional organizations (BMMA, IAB, BetaGroup). I met by then more than two thousand people that year and I really enjoyed that !

  • Rule #6 : Improve Society

The boundaries of your job are not settled by your products, as a Marketeer you obviously have a role to play in society.

With the help of Fishing Cactus, a Belgian company based in Mons, and the Erasme Hospital, Microsoft has developed revalidation softwares for the Kinect platform for people suffering from brain damage. Kinect gives the patients the ability of visualize daily tasks, and teaches them how to improve their lives . As a candidate of Marketeer of the year, I know that less is more.

You can learn more from this approach here-below.

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14 thoughts on “Are you a WHITE belt or BLACK belt Marketer ? [slides], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

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  9. I was present yesterday for your interesting presentation “Marketing 2.0: Are you a white belt or a black belt master ?”

    Just for the fun look at this VDO that shows a new utilisation of cows
    I hope you will like it 😉

    @jeanverschure on twitter

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