3 Word of mouth tips for retailers., via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Interesting reading from gaspedal : “3 Word of mouth tips for retailers”Whether you’re a one-location store or a national retail chain, you can have amazing word of mouth. How to get started:

1. Give them something to share
Never let a customer walk out the door without offering them something to share. Think practical — like coupons, catalogs, and samples. But also try the fun stuff, like stickers, posters, pins, and buttons.

2. Give them a reason to bring a friend
You’re doing all that work to get a customer in the door — with just a little more effort, maybe you could get their friends too. Events like REI’s evening and weekend classes or the group rides that local Harley-Davidson dealerships coordinate are great at this. And don’t forget the classics — things like group discounts and multiple coupons that have to be used at the same time.

3. Give them the chance to leave a review
Too often the only way for a customer to leave feedback for a retailer is to go online and post a negative review. Head off that negative word of mouth and encourage more happy customers to leave reviews by making it really easy. Give out lots of feedback and comment forms — and don’t forget that checkbox that says, “Yes, I give permission to use my comments in your marketing materials.”


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