GAMIFICATION : Future or Fail ? [slides] via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Interesting presentation of of a new trend : “Gamification”.
What is the Gamification ?
This is the integration of the mechanics that make games fun and absorbing into non-game platforms and experiences in order to improve engagement and participation.


One thought on “GAMIFICATION : Future or Fail ? [slides] via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

  1. factors that make experiences engaging and have value have been known forever. today the consultant class sees only “video games” as they were brought up with them. thus the universe “looks” like a game. No different than the “brain” now being a “computer” and no longer a “coglike machine’ from the 19th century.

    one can only hope that the success of fail of these “game” techniques will be the result of people pushing past the “shiny sell of the term” to investigate the actual past results of such “methods” in real world populations. The past is still there to learn from, even if the wayback machine or google dosent show it:)

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