Press Conference Microsoft / Xbox @ E3. [My Notes from Los-Angeles] via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

I had the chance to be, this morning, in the Xbox 360 Media Briefing @ E311 – Los Angeles.

You will find HERE the full conference

Here-below, some key outcome

The show started with a cool demo of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Then, we saw a demo of tomb raider.

We discovered the Voice recognition Kinect on Mass Effect 3 and how Kinect (thru voice recognition) could  influence the scenario of the game.

For Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier,  you can use KINECT to tailore your weapon. Amazing demo. I really want to test it. All future titles in this franchise will leverage Kinect.

Xbox Live is also changing.
Tomorrow, you will use your voice to access your music, games, video.
Youtube is coming to Xbox Live. Bing is going to come to Xbox Live too.
You can search games thru Bing. You say it, Xbox finds it. Look at Demo Bing here-below.

Cliff Bleszinski presented GOW3 and Ice-T on stage for an amazing demo (see demo here- below)

2011 will be also the Year of Halo with Halo Anniversary including Fully Remastered Campaigns from previous editions. 15th of Nov is the D Day for this launch (see trailer here-below)

Forza 4 looks amazing too. Release is foressen this year the 11th of Oct (see trailer here-below)

Fable “the Journey” looks also great. You can ride the horse thru your Kinect and make other cool thinks (see demo here-below)

Disneyland Adventures is a Great game to experience Disneyland Parc’s Attractions. This will be Available this Holiday. My kids will be happy, I’m sure.

Kinect Star Wars. It looks so cool. My son will be happy. He is top fan of Star Wars. You use Kinect and that’s pretty cool (see demo here-below)

Kinect Funlabs will be available for Xbox Live Members.
You can create avatar like you. Amazing demo.
Kinect finger tracking is also coming.
Object capture. You can scan your favorite objects and bring them to live (see demo here-below)

Kinect Sport Season 2. Top franchise of Kinect today. That’s clearly a game for my parents who can play Golf and other games.

Last demo of the day : Dance Central 2.  This is the perfect game for my doughter Noa. (See Trailer here-below)

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