Gamification is everywhere [slides]

  • Interesting Slides on Gamification.
  • What is gamificaon ?
    • Gamificaon is the process of incorporing game play elements into non-­‐gaming applications such as products, services, websites,  in order to drive parcipation, engagement & loyalty.
    • Gamificaon is all about engagement and improving user experience with a product or service.
    • Even banal everyday activties which can be low on engagement and experience such as going to school, exercising, taking your medicine and doing housework has recently been gamified. 

One thought on “Gamification is everywhere [slides]

  1. Great information. Another book that deals with gaming systems, how people interact within socially, and the power of games for social change is Jane McGonigal’s “Reality is Broken”. If you’re into games, and especially if you’re not, it’s the book to read 🙂

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