The Art of #Storytelling [slides], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Lets talk about stories …

  • No one can deny the importance of social network in our days.
  • The tools for social network are growing faster and faster as well.
  • Social Network has changed marketing environment forever.
  • Social network is all about conversations.
  • Storytelling is all about conversations.
  • Every BRAND has stories to tell. So, the ART of the Marketeer is to master the art of storytelling.
  • Let’s discover in this great and very simple presentation the ART of the STORYTELLING and also very good best practices.

Source : StoryBeats


3 thoughts on “The Art of #Storytelling [slides], via @davidmerzel’s BLOG

  1. I find it takes one creative person to spin an interesting story associated with some brand, no matter the brand, it’s a creative person’s talent to invent non-existing connections.

    Then all it takes is to package that story into a sterile formula full of statistics and charts fittable to any business, and then to go around presenting that consulting package to dimwitted executives who have been bred for formula following anyway.

    Everyone benefits indeed. Not everyone benefits mentally though..

  2. A creative person can easily spin up a story in the context of a brand (it’s in a creative person’s power to make absurd associations after all…. add some charts and statistics to the mix as well).

    However for mass distribution purposes, the creative person converts this talent into a sterile formula that can be easily consulted to new-generation dimwitted executives not bred for anything other than following formulas and achieving predictable results.

    The formula is simple really: Hire creatives for your marketing team so you don’t have to go far searching for storytellers. See, if such consulting doesn’t worth milions i don’t know what does.

  3. Hi,
    This is interesting.
    The last couple of years I have been reading about all aspects of storytelling. How it influences the economy, the society, leadership, authenticity, social media and so on. Interesting stuff. But then it happened to me: peer-to-peer storytelling. I connected my story to that of peers. And my peers and their matching stories helped me to come to a simple set of rules for creating your own new trade.

    The last 3 years I have been guiding a lot of international companies in using storytelling as a business tool. I have given a dozen workshops and lectures about this theme to blue chip companies. I have been working with all sort of businesses, with all sort of people, at all levels. They’re all convinced about the new trade. The new trade is the new business as usual!
    To make it simple and concrete I summarized my view in one sentence:
    It’s all about people connecting with other people by sharing their stories for everyone to repeat hoping to inspire the world and ultimately make it a better place.
    For more info
    What do you think about THE New Trae – peer to peer storytelling?

    -Raf Stevens

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