So What ? How to communicate what really matters to your audience [book]

Great reading !

Every time you make a sales presentation… craft a resume… try to persuade anyone about anything… there’s one question you simply must answer: SO WHAT?

 That’s what the people you’re talking to care about. That’s what they need to know. Tell them that — quickly, convincingly, powerfully — and watch them respond by saying, “I love it, I want it, and I’ll buy it.” Knowing this is one thing. Doing it — that’s something else altogether. In this book, Mark Magnacca shows you exactly how to do it — every single time.

In this book you will discover how to :

  • Refocus on your audience and stay focused on them automatically — Master the new communication habits that can supercharge your effectiveness.
  • The “So What Test”: What it is and how to use it — How to make sure everything you say matters to the people you’re talking to.
  • Create your own “So What Positioning Statement” — Don’t just differentiate yourself — make yourself fascinating
  • Not all benefits are created equal — Focus on the benefits that make the deepest emotional connection
  • From George Lucas to Steve Jobs to Ronald Reagan — Practical, usable lessons from the world’s greatest communicators.

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