Woman and social media (INFOGRAFIC)


One thought on “Woman and social media (INFOGRAFIC)

  1. This is a significant study when combined with other information.
    1) 85% of all consumer purchases in the USA are either made by or influenced by women. If the do not make the purchase themselves they influence the person who does. This means that 15% of the purchases are made by men or males. Not insignificant and should not be ignored but where should all the advertising energy to to?
    2) 53% of these highly influential women interact with social networks at a minimum of once per week. Should one learn how to market to them on social networks. YBYSB!
    3) We tend to look at the youth but we don’t follow the money. Over 80% of the net worth of this country is held in the hands of people over 44 years of age.
    4) Combine all of this and we should be focusing our attention on raising the participation of women over 44 in things they love to do Stay Up To Date With Friends and Family. In fact my wife does exactly this with three generations and soon will be with four generations.

    I loved this analysis. This is right out of the old days of market research at Mattel and McDonald’s. I dealt with this type of information to make major decisions all the time.

    Rumors spread but data screams.


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