How To Stop the Blame Game ?

Good reading on Harvard Business Review reagring the Blame Game.

Key take-out of this reading.

Playing the blame game never works. A deep set of research shows that

  • People who blame others for their mistakes lose status, learn less, and perform worse relative to those who own up to their mistakes.
  • The same applies for organizations.

So, some key-learning’s to apply in your organisation:

  •  Don’t blame others for your mistakes.
    • You will gain respect and loyalty from your followers,
    • you’ll also help to prevent a culture of blame from emerging.
  • When you do blame, do so constructively.
    • Make sure to highlight that the goal is to learn from mistakes, not to publicly humiliate those who make them.
  • Set an example by confidently taking ownership for failures.
    • Blame is contagious, but not among those who felt psychologically secure. So try to foster a chronic sense of inner security in order to reduce the chances that you’ll lash out at others.
  • Always focus on learning.
    • Creating a culture where learning—rather than avoiding mistakes—is the top priority will help to ensure that people feel free talk about and learn from their errors.
  • Reward people for making mistakes.
    • Some companies are actually starting to incentivize employees to make mistakes, so long as the mistakes can teach valuable lessons that lead to future innovation.

I completely agree that there is a clear opportunity to create a culture where the mistakes are accepted if we can learn from them.

Personaly, I always encourage people to Take risks and Make Mistakes. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Albert Einstein”


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