Who’s Blogging ? [STATS]

Bloggers, on the whole, are young — but not too young, according to a report from research company Sysomos. That’s right, the voice of the Internet, for the most part, is aged 21-35.

  • 53.3% of the total blogging population is 21-35 years old.
  • Bloggers aged 20 and under came in second, with 20.2%, followed by 36-50-year-olds (at 19.4%), and 51-year-olds and older (7.1%).

Sysmos also found that the gender distribution is nearly even among bloggers — with women making up 50.9% of keyboard jockeys and men 49.1%.

Here-below, the split of bloggers / region

  • 29.2% of bloggers are located in the U.S. — that’s four times as many as the the UK, which comes in second with 6.75%.
  • California has the most bloggers (14.1%), and New York comes in number two with 7.1%.
  • While more than half of the tweets in the world come from the U.S., only a third of blog posts originate there.
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    2 thoughts on “Who’s Blogging ? [STATS]

      • enjoy your blogging journey …
        I reaaly like it as it is an oprn windows to the world and I learn a lot every day !

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