What are the Marketeer’s Top Priorities in our New WORLD ? Your 2 minutes input for a POLL !


Next 12th of May from 6PM to 8 PM, I will give a presentation with Luc Vandervelde, on the Consumer (R)evolution in the context of a world changing all the time (digitalisation, cloud computing, social media, …)

Title of the conference : Back to the Future.


Location : Vrije Universiteit Brussel – campus etterbeek – Aula QA (click here-below)


Date & Time : 12th of May from 6PM to 8PM.

Our audience are Marketing Students from VUB but External people are also Welcome.
If you have interest, can you please send your car’s licence plate to Malaika Brengman [mbrengma@vub.ac.be], in order to ba allowed to enter the VUB Site.

It would be GREAT to have your input before this conference, even if you don’t come.

May I ask you to fill-in this 2 questions Poll before the conference.

This is an anonymus POLL and it will take you 2 minutes 🙂 Thanks.

Click simply on the answers you think right for the 2 following questions.

Click MAX on 3 answers here-below and then Click on “VOTE” right below 

Click MAX on 5 answers here-below and then Click on “VOTE” right below 


2 thoughts on “What are the Marketeer’s Top Priorities in our New WORLD ? Your 2 minutes input for a POLL !

  1. Dear David,
    I really believe that today’s marketers should get out of their traditional thinking box. Although, from the beginning in our profession, the focus has been set into customer needs, I fear that during the journey somehow we lost it. We are discussing about brands, product portfolios, investments, channels, etc without sparing a minute to think about what is there for our consumers.
    Especially now, we should set our main concern into understanding the new priorities of consumers, hearing their agonies (financial, social, environmental) and adjusting our mixes accordingly. For me, during our current turbulent economic situation, the greater challenge we face as marketers is balancing our aims with our customers’ multi-dimensional and unstable needs and wants.

  2. This is how I feal todays marketing has evolved:

    New product -> marketing team think up ways to make people believe they need the product

    It should be:

    People need a product -> marketing team thinks up ways to help people pick the right product type for their needs

    The marketeer uses all his knowledge and resources to make the consumer believe that he needs to buy the product even when they really don’t need it. Todays economy makes it harder to sell an absolete product. So I really hope that manufacturers start listening to what people really need in every way (hardware, price,user interface, etc…) before they start production.

    That’s why companies like Apple even manage to sell products that critics called useless at first. The iPad for example is so simple and ergonomical in use that even my grandfather started using it. It was just what he was looking for. Very easy and functional without all the extra’s that he doesn’t need. The marketing team just told him what it could do (or I told him what I learned from them :p)

    Anyway… online viral marketing is something marketeers have to focus on. Especially with the succes of Google searchs. Even I Google for online reviews or user experiences before I buy and expensive item. So don’t just create another Facebook fanpage, but e.g. send your newest product to respected bloggers who talk and write about any new products. This way their readers know that they don’t have to listen to the prepped marketing talk, but can turn tot the voice of an independent consumer, who happends to write about in on his blog (or podcast, vidcast, …). This way the company also has to make sure that the quality of their product is very good or else they would have some bad publicity. This way the marketeer only has to make his product noticable so that everyone just need to Google it and learn more about it.

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