How to make your presentations more social ?

Very interesting post on how to make your presentations more social.
I will clearly take some learning’s and apply for my own presentations.
This will create more connection with the attendees (and also understand their expectations) before the presentation.
This will also give opportunity to build relationship after the presentation.

Take-Away :

1. Create Anticipation

– Before your presentation day arrives, reach out to your audience using social media channels to get them excited.
– Online community tools like MeetUp and Ning, as well Twitter hashtags or a dedicated Facebook Page allow attendees to start discussions.
– So, be sure to participate in these communities by soliciting feedback on your proposed topic and networking with key contacts ahead of your presentation.

2. Create a Social-Friendly Presentation

– Create a dynamic, video and image-rich presentation that blows the traditional PowerPoint slides
– Make sure the content of your presentation is “social friendly.”
– Add short, tweetable sound bites to your slides that audience members can quickly absorb and send out on their social networks.
– Create and display a Twitter hashtag for your topic and/or session.
– In order to show how real people are using your products, include Facebook, Twitter, and blog entries that customers or partners have written about your brand.

3. Use Interactive Polling

– Use services like PollEverywhere, presentations evolve from one-way lectures into conversations with the audience.
– Invite your audience to comment on your presentation in real-time through a live Twitter stream, or “backchannel”.
– Make sure you can see comments on the backchannel as they come in. There are tools available that import backchannel comments directly into your presentation.

4. Keep the Conversation Going After You’ve Left the Podium

– Make it easy for anyone interested in the topic to find the web version of your presentation by tweeting about it with hashtags,
– Post the presentation on your Facebook Page,
– e-mail your contact list, or any other way you can think of to keep the conversation going.

Take also a look at following VIDEO


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