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How to be in the PRESENT, right NOW ? (Book)

Great Book from Spencer Johnson :  THE PRESENT.

Take a look a the following video

The key outcome for me is that there are THREE WAYS TO USE YOUR PRESENT MOMENTS

    • Focus On What Is Right Now.
    • Use Your Purpose To Respond To What is Important Now 


    • Look At What Happened In The Past.
    • Learn Something Valuable From It.
    • Do Things Differently In The Present.


    • See What A Wonderful Future Would Look Like.
    • Make Plans to Help It Happen.
    • Put Your Plan Into Action In the Present. 

What if twitter community were 100 people ? (infographic)

Source :

How companies are leveraging social media ?

Interesting reading from Flowtown.

How are mobile phones changing social media ?

Interesting reading from Flowtown.

How Social Engagement is changing ? (infographic)

Flowtown has published a cool illustration on how Social Engagement is changing.

An illustrated HISTORY of MARKETING …

Flowtown has published a cool illustration of the History of Marketing.

Which companies are the most SOCIAL ?

Social profile research and discovery company Flowtown has published some findings about :

  • how employees use social media
  • which companies have the most “social” employees.

Each company’s ranking is determined by its employees’ overall social media activity, including the average number of connections across various networks.

GREAT Publicity art.

Some great publicity ART.

Click here-below to see these creations …

publicity ART

Back to the FUTURE – Consumer Revolution (Conference VUB)

I’ve  given a conference with Luc Vandervelde, on the Consumer (R)evolution in the context of a world changing all the time (digitalisation, cloud computing, social media, …)

  • Title of the conference : Back to the Future.
  • Location : Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

You can find the SLIDES of the presentation, HERE

 You can also find the VIDEO of the presentation, HERE

Cool Video on Halo Reach.

Cool Video on Halo Reach

Aisha Tyler (actress) provides us with sage-like advice on how to succeed in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, which Bungie says will drop “late morning PDT.

Check out the video above to watch Tyler give a rundown of the series’ new maps, game types and weapons.

She’ll even demonstrate the proper way to handle said weapons using comically oversized props.

How can Facebook measure your level of happiness ?

Facebook has extended its “Gross National Happiness” prototype app to 18 new countries.

The app analyzes words in status updates like “awesome” or “tragic” to track changes in the collective emotional state of its users.

As you might have expected, residents of each country become happier on that country’s holidays and during big events — for example, Spain is happier on Saint Jordi’s Day and U.S. residents are happier around the time of the Super Bowl.

If you find this data interesting, you’ll also appreciate this: Facebook decided a couple of months ago to find out how relationship status affects happiness.

How social media is growing (VIDEO)

Did you know that if Facebook was a country, it would now be the third largest country in the world ?

Take a look at this Very Good Video on Social Media Revolution demonstrating social media’s explosive growth in recent years.

How to reach the Next Level ?

Simon Vetter has recommended me a great book.

The Next Level
What Insiders Know About Executive Success

By Scott Eblin,

Much as Good to Great described what separates top companies from the rest, The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success shows executives what separates leadership success from failure at the next level.

Every day, high performers are tapped to be executives and then left alone to figure out how to succeed in their new role. When this happens, most executives rely on strengths that served them well earlier in their careers.

As executive coach Scott Eblin explains, this is why 40 percent of them fail. Moving successfully to the executive level requires knowing which behaviors and beliefs to let go, as well as which new ones to pick up. Like having a personal executive coach, this confidence-building book outlines a program for success based on frank advice from accomplished senior executives on what to do and to avoid.

Pick Up / What To Do

Let Go Of / Avoid

Personal Presence

  • Confidence in your presence
  • Regular renewal of your energy
  • Custom-fit-communications
  • Doubt in how you contribute
  • Running flat out until you crash
  • One-size-fits-all communications

Team Presence

  • Team reliance
  • Defining what to do
  • Accountability for many results
  • Self-reliance
  • Telling how to do it
  • Responsibility for a few results

Organizational Presence

  • Looking left and right as you lead
  • An outside-in view of the entire organization
  • A big-footprint view of your role
  • Looking primarily up and down as you lead
  • An inside-out view of your function
  • A small-footprint view of your role

 Source: The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success, by Scott Eblin, page 15.

See below a short video on these concepts.

What are the Marketeer’s Top Priorities in our New WORLD ? Your 2 minutes input for a POLL !


Next 12th of May from 6PM to 8 PM, I will give a presentation with Luc Vandervelde, on the Consumer (R)evolution in the context of a world changing all the time (digitalisation, cloud computing, social media, …)

Title of the conference : Back to the Future.


Location : Vrije Universiteit Brussel – campus etterbeek – Aula QA (click here-below)

Date & Time : 12th of May from 6PM to 8PM.

Our audience are Marketing Students from VUB but External people are also Welcome.
If you have interest, can you please send your car’s licence plate to Malaika Brengman [], in order to ba allowed to enter the VUB Site.

It would be GREAT to have your input before this conference, even if you don’t come.

May I ask you to fill-in this 2 questions Poll before the conference.

This is an anonymus POLL and it will take you 2 minutes :-) Thanks.

Click simply on the answers you think right for the 2 following questions.

Click MAX on 3 answers here-below and then Click on “VOTE” right below 

Click MAX on 5 answers here-below and then Click on “VOTE” right below 

Are you ready to work for Jesus ?

In France, a campaign (using Facebook) to recruit new vocations for the Church has been launched.

The campaign is 200 K euro

– off-line, this cmpaign will be supported by postcard for 600 pubs, restaurants and cinemas.

– on-line, a fan page facebook has been created

Interesting to see that social media has no limit … and attracts also new vocations :-)


How to share Office doc with Facebook friends ?

Facebook will be launching a collaborative document-editing tool with Microsoft. has been be released to the public.

  • Users will be able to find, create and share Microsoft Office documents with their Facebook friends.
  • The site, which aims to blend two familiar experiences, was built using Microsoft Office 2010.

To know more, just click HERE

How to make your presentations more social ?

Very interesting post on how to make your presentations more social.
I will clearly take some learning’s and apply for my own presentations.
This will create more connection with the attendees (and also understand their expectations) before the presentation.
This will also give opportunity to build relationship after the presentation.

Take-Away :

1. Create Anticipation

– Before your presentation day arrives, reach out to your audience using social media channels to get them excited.
– Online community tools like MeetUp and Ning, as well Twitter hashtags or a dedicated Facebook Page allow attendees to start discussions.
– So, be sure to participate in these communities by soliciting feedback on your proposed topic and networking with key contacts ahead of your presentation.

2. Create a Social-Friendly Presentation

– Create a dynamic, video and image-rich presentation that blows the traditional PowerPoint slides
– Make sure the content of your presentation is “social friendly.”
– Add short, tweetable sound bites to your slides that audience members can quickly absorb and send out on their social networks.
– Create and display a Twitter hashtag for your topic and/or session.
– In order to show how real people are using your products, include Facebook, Twitter, and blog entries that customers or partners have written about your brand.

3. Use Interactive Polling

– Use services like PollEverywhere, presentations evolve from one-way lectures into conversations with the audience.
– Invite your audience to comment on your presentation in real-time through a live Twitter stream, or “backchannel”.
– Make sure you can see comments on the backchannel as they come in. There are tools available that import backchannel comments directly into your presentation.

4. Keep the Conversation Going After You’ve Left the Podium

– Make it easy for anyone interested in the topic to find the web version of your presentation by tweeting about it with hashtags,
– Post the presentation on your Facebook Page,
– e-mail your contact list, or any other way you can think of to keep the conversation going.

Take also a look at following VIDEO

What do the women on their mobile ?

Recent Nielsen study shows that women use their phones to “tweet” and “friend” 10% more than men.

On top of that,  we see that the 35-54 age group had more active mobile social networkers than any other group.


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