How to optimize your BLOG ?

Good reading about how to improve your BLOG

Some take-away.

I’ve put in BLUE the things I will try to do shortly (Low Hanging fruits).


  • Make Your Goal and Target Audience Crystal Clear.
    • If your blog is to be your business, treat it like that. 
    • It’s okay to use a personal voice but keep it balance. Don’t be too cold like a robot.
    • If you are attempting to do real business via your blog, look for ways to convert readers into customers.
    • Make a point of engaging your community often in the comments section, on their blogsand social networks.
  • Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep
    • Consider the design elements of your blog. They do change the way people perceive your work.
    • Get your own unique URL. 
    • Consider moving to a hosted blog. ($10 USD for WordPress)
    • Consider using a professional theme. e.g : Thesis by Chris Pearson.  + customised logo.
    • Consider getting a customized WordPress theme
    • Review unnecessary widgets and decide which add value to your audience.
    • Is your layout readable? Are your fonts clean and easy to read?
    • Several blogging platforms now have SEO plug-ins/add-ons to help SEO Optimisation. 
  • Make Your Content Top Notch
    • Remove unnecessary words.
    • Make your main point at the top of the post.
    • Vary up post lengths.
    • Read outside the blogosphere in order to find new and unique sources of information s. competition.
    • Get on a regular writing/posting schedule. 
    • A great title drives visits, but also informs us as to what we’re going to learn.
    • Consider video, audio, and rich media.
    • Review your blog posts monthly to see if you’re covering the same ground.
  • Promoting Your Blog

    • Use a social bookmarking plugin like AddThis or Share This on your blog posts.
    • Make a very prominent option to subscribe by email available on your site. More than 50% of my readers do so via email.
    • Add your blog URL to your email signature.
    • Make sure your blog URL is on your twitter profile, your facebook and linked-in profile.
    • If you’re going to promote your blog via places like Twitter, be sure to do it tastefully instead of just dumping links into the stream. Consider asking a question.
    • Make sure you’re doing the basics, like listing your site on major Search sites. 
    • Commenting on other well-known blogs in your same space in a not-spammy way is a great way for people who might like your work to discover you. Don’t put blatant links or otherwise be rude. Just be thoughtful and helpful to the community at that site, and leave a useful comment.
    • Don’t forget posting the occasional blog post in LinkedIn’s status message. It reaches some interesting people from time to time.
    • When someone adds a blog post of mine to Delicious, I often get lots more traffic than from other promotional angles.

 Take also a look at this tutorial on wordpress.


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