Do you know how to engage your FACEBOOK fans ?

Very useful reading in Mashable explaining 4 Easy Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans

My key-learning’s of this artcile :
  • More than three million businesses, brands and celebrities have created Facebook Pages,
  • Many of them are struggling to figure out how best to use them.
  • Companies are finding that even when they keep their pages updated with fresh content, they still aren’t seeing steady growth in their fan base.

Here-below are four ways to engage with their fans.

  1. Ask their Opinions.

  2. Test their Knowledge.

  3. Pair Promotions with Content.

  4. Thank your FANS !

Here-below, more details regarding these 4 steps.


1. Ask Their Opinion

NBA Facebook Image 

  • If you post your content in the context of a question, you provide an easy call to action.
  • With a question, you engage people’s egos and provoke viral distribution of your content — everyone loves to share their opinion!

The NBA has  adopted this approach, issuing a steady stream of “Top Five” polls and other engaging content that has propelled the organization to top the two million fan mark


2. Test Their Knowledge

George Lopez Facebook Quiz 

  • Consider testing people’s knowledge with a fun, relevant quiz, and even tying the results to a giveaway or promotion (more on that later).
  • A clever quiz is not only entertaining, but also lengthens the time a user spends engaged with your brand.
  • One company embracing this approach is Molotov, a digital marketing agency whose clients include comedians such as George Lopez, David Spade and Jamie Kennedy.
  • Molotov worked with George Lopez to create quizzes such as How Well Do You Know George Lopez? to push his fan base over the one million mark and drive viewership for his TV show.

3. Pair Promotions with Content

NFL Facebook Quiz Image 

  • While a contest or sweepstakes may get you some e-mail addresses, simply posting these on your page provides limited incentive to share with friends or even to participate.
  • The way to boost participation is by tying the offer to content. People taking a brand-related quiz are great targets for your message. They may already have an affinity for the brand, so this is the best time to make them an offer.


  • In the example mentioned above, Molotov gave fans a chance to enter a sweepstakes to win signed merchandise — but the offer was made within the flow of the quiz. This strategy resulted in a 50% conversion rate. For every ten fans who tested their knowledge, five signed up to participate in the promotion, generating over 30,000 sign-ups for the weekly e-mail blast to promote the show.


  • The offer doesn’t even have to be big. Before the Super Bowl, the NFL ran a How Well Do You Know the NFL? quiz, with one lucky participant selected to receive a $50 gift card to Over 10,000 people took the quiz. If you estimate that each participant has 200 friends, that’s a possible two million impressions in the news feed with a relatively small giveaway.


4. Thank Your Fans

  • Giving your fans something of value — whether it’s as simple as a coupon, or as flashy as tickets to the Tonight Show — is a great way to show that you appreciate their continued support.


  • But what about picking one fan at random to get something really special?


  • The NBA again shows that they are on the leading edge. This brilliant strategy taps some of their biggest stars to record personalized video clips thanking select fans. Here’s a picture of Shaq thanking fan #385. If you’re an NBA fan, you could be next!

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