Consumers spend two hours more by month on Social Networks as FACEBOOK (vs. LY)

Interesting reading from Nielsen on the Social Newtorks (10 countries measured)

Some key-learning’s :

  • Global web users across 10 countries spent roughly five and a half hours on social networks in February 2010,
  • This is up more than two hours from the same time last year.
  • Top 3 countries are US, Italia and Australia.
  • Overall, the active unique audience to social networks grew nearly 30%, from 244.2M to 314.5
  • Facebook drew the largest active unique audience globally and claimed nearly three times the sessions per user of MySpace, the next closest network.
  • Facebook users also spent more time per session, logging nearly six hours per user (in February) across the globe.
Social Network Usage By Country / Feb 2010
Home & Work
Country Time per Person
Average 5:27:33
Italy 6:27:53
Australia 6:25:21
United States 6:02:34
United Kingdom 5:50:56
Spain 4:50:49
Brazil 4:27:54
France 4:12:01
Germany 3:47:24
Switzerland* 3:26:00
Japan 2:37:07
Source: The Nielsen Company 

*home only

Global* Social Network Traffic / Feb 2010
Web Site % Reach of Active
Social Users
Sessions per Person Time per Person (hh:mm:ss)
Facebook 52% 19.16 5:52:00 15% 6.66 0:59:33 10% 5.81 0:36:43
LinkedIn 6% 3.15 0:12:47
Classmates Online 5% 3.29 0:13:55
Source: The Nielsen Company
*United States, Brazil, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom Unique audience represents active usage, not overall membership of social networks

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