5 things to do to improve your leadership, @davidmerzel’s BLOG

Interesting article in Harvard Business Review regarding Leadership.

My take-out is a list of 5 things you can do to achieve self-awareness and personal mastery in leadership.

Monitor your performance. Note areas in which you excel and need improvement. Communicate these to your team.

Realize that failures and mistakes are just one step on the road to success.

•Recognize that being aware of the impact that your behavior has on other people is a critical leadership skill.

•Remember that when criticism is difficult to accept, there is probably some truth to it.

•And, finally, learn to give yourself and others credit for improving.

Check out also this Video of Ken Blanchard


One thought on “5 things to do to improve your leadership, @davidmerzel’s BLOG

  1. A really interesting read, and a brilliant video. It’s really gave me the confidence and know-how to improve my leadership skills. It will especially be useful now that I’ve invested in leadership and management, which I hear is very highly recommended in the business world.

    I really do appreciate this article though, thank you for sharing. You may have just made my life a whole easier when I have to recruit the new employees in three weeks time!

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