What consumer is ready to pay for online ?

Movies, music, and games top a new list from Nielsen of the content types that consumers are most willing to pay for online.

Indeed, online content for which consumers are most likely to pay—or have already paid—are those they normally pay for offline.

The data, which comes from a survey of 27,000 consumers across 52 countries, also indicates that content created online – like blogs, podcasts, and video – are least likely to attract consumer’s dollars.
So, consumers are least likely to pay for content that is essentially homegrown online, often by other consumers at fairly low cost. These include social communities, podcasts, consumer-generated videos and blogs.

At face value, the findings might seem like good news for old media companies that are increasingly eying paywalls as a source of salvation, as consumers did indicate more of a willingness to pay for online newspapers, magazines and radio than their user-generated counterparts. You can see all of the findings in the chart here-below:


One thought on “What consumer is ready to pay for online ?

  1. I’d have expected this indeed event though in Belgium, we don’t have much offering in the movie market.

    It is, however, very weird to see that all music streaming services are closing down. It might have to do with the business model or simply the pressure from the majors.

    I’m currently addressing that very detailed point with the GM at Sabam to understand what his opinion is about that.

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