12 reasons NOT to buy an Apple iPad

iPad front-back

 I’ve read a very interesting BLOG from Joe Wilcox after the relase of IPad.

Look also at this video:

Here-below, a short summary of the 12 reasons why he is not going to buy an iPad. To be honest, this list makes sense.

I also agree with  Samuel Axon, who writes at Mashable: “The iPad isn’t going to be a phenomenon with either netbook users or power users. It’s not better than existing devices at anything, and it’s too expensive for most people to use it as a secondary device.”

1. The iPad isn’t good enough to replace smartphone or laptop.

  • Apple’s tablet offers too much functionality that overlaps the smartphone below and laptop above.
  • A Windows laptop would offer way more functionality for about the same price, or even less, than iPad.
  • Sure, iPad costs less than a Macbook or MacBook Pro, but those laptops run a real desktop operating system, while iPad packs iPhone OS.

2. Persistant data connection costs too much.

  • Amazon’s Kindle ebook readers come with free 3G service (US).
  • Sure, iPad does so much more, but the user not only pays about twice as much for the device but $15 or $30 month (as there is no 3G Free – Cost US), instead of nothing. 
  • The bigger question: Why pay for two 3G services — smartphone and iPad?

3. Web experience is inferior to other devices in its size class:

  • Apple’s promotional Website claims that iPad is “the best way to experience the Web.” But the device doesn’t support Adobe Flash, for starters, and that means the experience is less than comparably sized PC slates or netbooks running desktop or desktop-class browsers.

4. Screen resolution is inadequate.

  • iPad’s native screen resolution is only 1028 x 768. That’s simply too little for the size and price, particularly when many PC slates, netbooks or laptops offer higher screen resolution for about the same price.

5. Aspect ratio is 4:3 in a 16:9 world.

  • Widescreen everything is today’s video consumption standard. But iPad’s aspect ratio takes you back to the last decade.

6. It’s nothing more — and some things less — than a big iPhone (without cellular voice) or iPod touch.

  • Like its small siblings, iPad runs iPhone OS, accesses iTunes Store and built-in App Store, displays photos, plays movies and music, etc., etc., etc. OK, so there is iWork and bigger screen. I’m not pining for the differences.

7. There’s no camera.

  • But there should be two, one pointing outwards for taking photos and supporting applications and another inward facing for video conferencing.
  • Camera is one of the greatest utilities on most portable devices, whether cell phones, laptops or even netbooks.

8. Connectivity options are limited without pa

  • There’s no HDMI port or any other useful one.

9. Accessories tell the real story — iPad isn’t good enough at any of its price points. 

  • The users will need to pay more to Apple for accessories, like the aforementioned camera connectors (there are two) and the keyboard dock.

10. The iPad requires a Mac or PC.

  • That USB connector comes with iPad for a reason. The tablet would make more sense as a standalone device connecting to cloud services.
  • In #1, I dinged iPad for not being a smartphone or laptop replacement. Sadly, that’s by design.

11. There’s no GPS on three models

  • No-3G limits the device’s mapping capabilities and its ability to spatially orientate for using augmented reality applications.
  • The accelerometer and compass are OK — as they are on iPod touch — but 3G makes a big difference when also orienting location. GPS is available on three 3G iPad models, but buyers will pay more for the device and for monthly data service fees.

12. It’s a closed system.

  • Actually it’s a step backwards. 
  • Everything is tied to iTunes Store, which is as closed as Apple is secretive about new products.

4 thoughts on “12 reasons NOT to buy an Apple iPad

  1. Remember that Apple is a software company. Not a hardware manufacturer. Any device that they consider to aid in development must, first and foremost, connect and interact with iTunes.

  2. And I’m going to bet at least half of these issues will be addressed in V. 2 of the iPad. And at that point, I would be more likely to consider getting one.

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