6 biggest Microsoft stories of 2009

I’ve read a good artcile about the biggest Microsoft stories of 2009

I made a summary of the 6 biggest stories.

2009 was the year of two big product launches, Bing and Windows 7, and finally reached a search deal with Yahoo.

Here, in no particular order, are the 6 biggest stories of 2009 in the Microsoft ecosystem.

1) Windows 7 debuts

Microsoft released Windows 7 in October and got positive feedback and reviews.


2) Bing search engine launches

Since its official launch in June, Bing has seen its U.S. market share steadily climb, passing the 10 percent mark in November.


3) Microsoft and Yahoo reach deal

With their revenue-sharing deal, Microsoft and Yahoo can join forces to attack market-dominating Google.


4) Windows Mobile loses ground

Ballmer said it best himself when Microsoft released the luke-warm Windows Mobile 6.5 in September: “This will not happen again.” He was referring to the delays in releasing Windows Mobile 7, for which a launch date still has not been announced.


5) Project Natal announced for Xbox 360

There’s no other way to put this: Project Natal looks awesome. Initially seen as Microsoft’s answer to the Nintendo Wii, and since considered so much more, Natal is an add-on for Xbox 360 that lets gamers play without using controllers. Their bodies are the controllers. And when Microsoft unveiled the project in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, it stole the show.

The technology, essentially a set of cameras and sensors that pick up a gamer’s movement, will work with existing Xbox 360s and extend the popular video-game console’s lifespan. Since June, Microsoft executives have said the technology also will be applied to computers, potentially revolutionizing the concept of “user interface.”

Key article: Video: Microsoft’s Project Natal takes on Nintendo Wii (June 1)

6) Cloud computing takes center stage

With Windows Azure, companies and individuals can create and manage cloud-based applications that people access via the Web. It lets clients scale up and scale back their server use as needed, and can slash a company’s IT costs.


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