6 Tech Trends for 2010

James Rogers, Professor at Earlham,Richmond, postet his list of six top tech trends for 2010.

This has been published in TheStreet.com. If you want to look at the details, just click HERE

Here-below, a summary of this list :

  • Cloud Computing

    • Cloud services offer computer power or data storage via the Internet.
    • Cloud computing has been one of the tech sector’s biggest catchphrases of the last couple of years.
  • China

    • IDC estimates that the Chinese IT services market grew from $7.7 billion in 2007 to $9.5 billion last year, and is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate of almost 14% between 2008 and 2013.
    • Economic Observer News estimates that around $53 billion of China’s $585 billion economic stimulus package will be spent on technology projects, something that has certainly grabbed attention on the other side of the Pacific.
  • Green IT

    • This will be a hyper growth area.
    • Green technology will be big business in 2010, hitting everything from smartphones to servers to storage devices.
  • Tablets

    • Tablets will be the new communication entry point.
  • Healthcare IT

    • The debate about U.S. healthcare reform has been one of the biggest political issues of 2009
    • Technology will  be part of the ambitious Obama’s healthcare plans
  • Virtualization

    • Virtualization, which allows users to divide physical hardware into multiple ‘virtual’ chunks, is seen as an effective way for companies to juggle myriad of operating systems and applications
    • Virtualization will be even more delpoyed in 2010 and continously penetrate IT infrastructure.

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