Read this Interview of Ray Ozzie, on Cloud Computing.

Gartner analysts Neil MacDonald and David Smith interviewed Ray Ozzie (Chief Technical Officer Microsoft) earlier this year to discuss how Microsoft and the industry have progressed in cloud computing during the past year, and to look ahead at what’s next for cloud computing.

The resulting report is now available to Gartner clients and is you can read it by clicking on the link here-below : 

 Gartner Fellows Interview Ozzie

Here-below, the Key Findings

  • Ozzie’s (and thus, Microsoft’s) vision of cloud computing emphasizes hybrid enterprise/cloud computing, where organizations choose when and where computing takes place locally versus in cloud-based infrastructure, and emphasizes that the on premises and cloud-based solutions work seamlessly together.
  • As with early encryption issues, Ozzie believes that security and privacy issues will be addressed as the industry matures in a combination of legislative advances, as well as industry cooperation.
  • Ozzie’s vision for cloud computing includes system infrastructure, an application platform and finished applications being delivered as a service.
  • Microsoft is investing in its own data centers because it must in order to provide its consumer-based services. It believes it is helping to lead the industry in providing innovations in data center architectures.
  • Ozzie believes the future of cloud computing is in the experience delivered via a browser across multiple devices — mobile, PC and TV-type screens — which is a vision he refers to as “three screens and a cloud. (see below).


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