A short tour on Windows 7.


As you probably know, Windows 7 is available from the 22nd of Oct and this is a really cool.

I’m on Windows 7 (Beta and then Relaese Candidate) for some months and I really enjoy it !
This is fast and really user-friendly !
See below a short tour on Windows 7.

Look a some 7 seconds demo Windows 7

Windows allows you to work from anywhere…
I also enjoy to have Windows on My mobile.
So, I can chat, read a PPT, xls from my mobile and of course go to outlook, windows live, facebook, …
now it’s up to you to use it …

See below interraction between Windows PC and Windows Phone.

Windows 7 is really easy to use for everyone within the familly
See below a cool advertising

Have also a look at this funny video showing that when you have a job, PCs are the right tool to use… just for fun!

Click HERE to discover how BURGER KING has launched a WINDOWS 7 Burger.


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